# AlphaNotes FAQ

Here, you'll find answers to common queries about how AlphaNotes works, its features, and how it can enhance your learning experience. Let's dive into your most pressing questions.

# General Questions

# What is AlphaNotes?

AlphaNotes is a cutting-edge ChatGPT GPT designed to enhance your learning experience. It enables you to interact with YouTube video transcripts by summarizing videos, generating study aids, converting content to PDFs, and much more, all aimed at making learning more accessible and efficient.

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# How does the Video Summary feature work?

The Video Summary feature provides a concise and structured summary of YouTube videos or web articles. It allows users to quickly grasp the main points of a video's content without watching it.

# What are the limitations of the Free plan?

The Free plan offers the ability to summarize videos and generate notes with a weekly limit of 5 requests.

# Are there any limits to the length of videos and articles that can be processed?

Yes, there are limits to the length of videos and articles AlphaNotes can process. The video transcripts and articles are restricted to a maximum of 30,000 tokens, equating to approximately 2 hours of video content. This limitation ensures optimal performance and accuracy in content processing and summarization.

# Why is there a length limit?

Due to the inherent token limitations of ChatGPT, AlphaNotes uses pagination to handle longer videos or articles. However, it's observed that ChatGPT may start losing context or produce less accurate results when processing excessively large amounts of data.

# Does fetching video chunks or calling help count towards my request quota?

No. The actions of summarizing, taking notes, obtaining transcripts, making PDFs, and working with articles are considered when counting towards your weekly request quota. Fetching video chunks for these processes or sending a help request does not count towards the quota.

# Will requests that result in an error count against my quota?

No, requests that end in an error will not be counted towards your weekly quota, ensuring that only successfully processed requests are counted.

# How Can I Provide Feedback or Report an Issue?

We highly value your feedback and contributions! For quick support or to discuss your concerns with our community, join us on Discord. Prefer to report an issue in detail? Please feel free to open an issue directly in our documentation repository on GitHub.

# Subscription and Account Management

# How can I update or delete my subscription?

To update or delete your AlphaNotes subscription, visit the AlphaNotes account page. Here, you can change your subscription plan, review your current plan's benefits, and adjust your plan as needed to suit your learning requirements better.

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