# AlphaNotes features

Embrace the power of AI to enhance your learning and content absorption. AlphaNotes brings the capabilities of ChatGPT directly to you, allowing for efficient summarization, note-taking, and content retrieval in various formats. Dive into our suite of features designed to streamline your educational journey.

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# Available features

# 📹 Video Summary

  • What it does: Offers a structured and detailed summary of videos specially optimized for educational content.
  • Who it's for: Users who need a quick understanding of a YouTube video's content without the need to watch it entirely.
  • How to use: Request a video summary by providing the YouTube URL.

# 📝 Generate Notes or Study Aids

  • What it does: Generates detailed and structured study aids, including essential highlights, definitions, recommendations, and quizzes.
  • Who it's for: Students and learners aiming to create comprehensive study materials from a video's content.
  • How to use: Ask for study notes or aids from a particular video URL.

# 💻 Summarize GitHub Repositories

🚧 Feature Under Development 🚧

This feature is currently in its beta phase. We're refining its capabilities and performance based on user feedback and ongoing analysis. You might notice improvements and changes over time as we aim to enhance your experience. Your patience and feedback are greatly appreciated during this phase!

  • What it does: Provides concise summaries of GitHub repositories by analyzing the repository's README and other textual documentation. This feature extracts key information, project objectives, setup instructions, and usage examples to give users a clear understanding of what the repository is about and how it functions.

    🚨 Currently, this feature does not analyze the code but only the text files.

  • Who it's for: Developers, project managers, and anyone interested in quickly grasping the essence of a GitHub repository without diving deep into the code or reading through all documentation manually.

  • How to use: Provide the GitHub repository URL you want. The system will then fetch and analyze the README and any significant text files to generate a summary that includes the project's purpose, how to set it up, how to use it, and any other critical insights drawn from the documentation.

# 📜 Raw Transcript Retrieval

  • What it does: Retrieves the unprocessed transcript of a video, serving as a base for custom content manipulation.
  • Who it's for: Users desiring detailed control over the content for in-depth engagement with ChatGPT.
  • How to use: Request the raw transcript of a video to receive the complete text.

Available starting from the Vidploma Plan 🎥

# 📄 PDF Conversion

  • What it does: Transforms content generated by ChatGPT into well-formatted PDFs for documentation.
  • Who it's for: Users who prefer to have a physical or offline copy for review or distribution.
  • How to use: Convert your summaries or notes into a PDF with a simple command.

Available starting from the Vidploma Plan 🎥

# 🗞️ Summarize Articles

  • What it does: Produces structured summaries of articles, fine-tuned for educational content.
  • Who it's for: Readers who wish to grasp the core message of an article quickly.
  • How to use: Provide the article URL you want to summarize.

Available starting from the PhD Plan 🎓

# 📚 Take Notes from Articles

  • What it does: Delivers detailed and structured notes from articles, complete with key points and quizzes.
  • Who it's for: Anyone needing to distill articles into actionable study material.
  • How to use: Ask for notes from an article by supplying the article URL.

Available starting from the PhD Plan 🎓

# 🔍 Search Videos

  • What it does: Allows users to search for videos directly from ChatGPT on any topic.
  • Who it's for: Users looking to find videos relevant to their research or interest areas efficiently.
  • How to use: Perform a video search by stating your topic of interest.

Available starting from the Vidploma Plan 🎥

# Understanding Limitations

It's essential to be aware of certain constraints when using AlphaNotes:

  • Video Length: Videos are typically limited to 30,000 tokens, usually up to 2 hours of content; videos with a denser dialogue may reach the token limit sooner.

  • Contextual Limits: These limitations are in place as ChatGPT's performance can degrade with excessively long texts, potentially resulting in lower quality responses and loss of context.

To ensure the best performance and quality of your summaries and notes, selecting videos within these parameters is recommended.

Leverage the innovative tools of AlphaNotes to take your learning and content engagement to new heights. 🚀