# Welcome to AlphaNotes

Embark on a journey of streamlined learning with AlphaNotes, where AI meets your educational needs.

# Prerequisites

Before you dive in, ensure you're equipped with:

1. ChatGPT Plus Subscription
A ChatGPT Plus subscription is required as you'll need access to the GPT store.

# Discovering AlphaNotes

Where can I find AlphaNotes?

1. Access the GPT Store
Begin by visiting the GPT Store.

2. Locate AlphaNotes
Use the search function to find AlphaNotes directly, or browse the Education category, where we're often featured among the top 12!

💡 Tip: Look for the AlphaNotes icon—it's your gateway to smarter learning!

You can also get to AlphaNotes directly from here 👇


# Initiating AlphaNotes

Engage with AlphaNotes

Interact with AlphaNotes for quick summaries or in-depth notes. Use our sample prompts to get familiar with the command patterns.

💡 Remember: You can summon AlphaNotes in any ChatGPT window by typing @alphanotes.

Upon your first command, you'll be guided to log in. As a new user, you'll automatically start on our complimentary plan with various login methods:

  • Passwordless Login via Email: Opt for this to jump straight into AlphaNotes without a password. It's the quickest way to discover what AlphaNotes can do for you.

  • Google Authentication: Leverage any Google account for a hassle-free login experience.

  • GitHub OAuth Authentication: For those seeking a secure and enriched experience, GitHub authentication is your key to unlocking all the advanced features AlphaNotes offers.

Ready to transform your learning experience? Let's get started with AlphaNotes today!